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Therapeutic Riding and Able Bodied Riding Lessons

Priority One (Children and Adults)
We provide a fun non-medical atmosphere that encourages willing participation! The movement of riding a horse offers the rider a three dimensional version of the human walk. It is an enjoyable form of exercise that helps persons with various disabilities, such as cerebral palsy or paralysis, develop muscle control that other therapies may not be as effective in developing.

Priority Two (Family relationships)
Improving bonding between children and their parents. FIM often becomes a centerpiece in the lives of many families. Having a person with a disability in the family can be a stressful and devastating challenge. “We know kids with disabilities have the same desire to participate in physical activities as able bodied kids” say’s J. Decker PhD. FIM offers caretakers and families the opportunity to participate in the sport of horseback riding together, which also fosters the hope that more new and fun challenges lie ahead!

General Program Goals

Goal 1: Body Localization and Abstraction
Goal 2: Muscular Strength
Goal 3: Health and Hygiene
Goal 4: Balance and Rhythm
Goal 5: Spatial Organization
Goal 6: Sensory Awareness
Goal 7: Comprehension
Goal 8: Time and Sequence


A recreational and therapeutic riding program for adults over 40
For people to remain healthy in their later years they need to keep learning new things, use their bodies in a variety of ways, and maintain their self-esteem. Ridercise encourages these elements in a lifelong learning program outlined below.

1. Rider Fitness
    a. Develop appropriate level of fitness for riding
    b. Maintain weight
    c. Develop flexibility
    d. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you or your children are interested please email your name, address and telephone number to archie50@qnet.com or call us at 760-933-2606 so that our program director can send you an information packet. The first set of interviews will be scheduled for October 1st.


1. Heros for Horse Veterans Program
2. Buckaroo Early Development and School Readiness, ages 3-5
3. Summer Camps
4. Training of Horses from Wheelchair
5. Birthday Parties

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